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BudgetSheet 2.5.0 - User-Editable BSA_Transactions Sheet

You can now add your own columns to the BSA_Transactions sheet anywhere you want!

BudgetSheet v2.4.1 - Account Linking Updates

More supported banks and an easy way to quickly update all your account balances

SheetQuery: An ORM-Like Query Builder for Google Sheets and Google Apps Script

A simple and small Google Apps Script library for quickly and easily finding and updating records in Google Sheets with a familiar ORM-like syntax

BudgetSheet v2.4.0 - User Category Match Patterns

BudgetSheet now has user-specified category match patterns. The next time you open BudgetSheet and run an operation, your BSA_Categories sheet will get a new column named MatchPatterns.

BudgetSheet 2.3.0 - Account Balance Tracking 📈

Account balance tracking is here with a new BSA_Balances sheet. This sheet will be created for you automatically the next time transactions are fetched.

BudgetSheet 2.2.0 - Auto-Fetching is Here! 🎉

Auto-fetching has landed in BudgetSheet! Autofetch is not enabled by default, so if you want to set it up, click on the "Autofetch Settings..." menu item in the BudgetSheet Add-Ons menu.

BudgetSheet v2.1.0 - Account Re-Linking + Fixes

You can now re-link accounts directly from the "Manage Accounts..." screen when they get out of sync!

BudgetSheet v2.0

The all-new BudgetSheet. No Plaid account required anymore.

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