BudgetSheet v2.4.0 - User Category Match Patterns


BudgetSheet now has user-specified category match patterns. The next time you open BudgetSheet and run an operation, your BSA_Categories sheet will get a new column named MatchPatterns.

User-Specified Transaction Category Matching

The MatchPatterns column is a simple comma-delimited list of Business names to match against for any incoming transactions. This means that any new transactions that are fetched and appended to the BSA_Transactions spreadsheet will have the Category column set to equal any matching or partially matching name from the new MatchPatterns column in the BSA_Categories sheet. This new change allows convenient and full user control over automatically categorizing all new transactions going forward.

User-Specified Transaction Category Matching

Note that this only applies to new transactions going forward and will not re-categorize, change, or update any existing or past transactions in your BSA_Transactions sheet.

Happy Budgeting!

  • Vance L

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